Financial and Investment Advisors to Families

In a financial world where clients have become mere account numbers, and the new emphasis rests on mass-marketing investment products and gathering “Assets Under Management,” we continue to deliver the attentive personal service of a knowledgeable and dedicated family advisor.

We believe that we are better investors because of our heritage as advisors to families and the long-term perspective it requires, and we are better family advisors because we possess the deep understanding and experience of real-life, active investing.


Plenty of Room at the Top

May 25, 2023

Are life and investing an Olympic sport with one sole gold medalist? I had the privilege of having deep conversations with some of the brightest minds of investing lately, both on my podcast over the last few months and more recently in Omaha at Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting. Those conversations inspired and resurfaced the idea that maybe we are looking at the world the wrong way and there is plenty of room at the top in life and investing. Let me explain.
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Return on Kindness

May 11, 2023

If I were to describe the three-day experience in three words, I would say with no hesitation: the Return on Kindness. Here I was in the middle of Berkshire Hathaway’s Annual Meeting – the Woodstock for Capitalists held in Omaha, Nebraska, each year. It was my turn to speak; I said: “Thank you for making our lives better.” My words echoed back, confusing me for a moment; I proceeded with the question, nonetheless! 
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Beyond The Headlines

The Profit: Who is Better Off?

June 7, 2023

If two people start with nothing, one is earning $100,000 a year, the other $50,000, but the first one is left with $5,000 after all taxes and expenses, and the second one with $10,000, which one is richer? One would need almost twenty years to save one year of expenses, the other four years. When it comes to personal finance, the concepts can get a bit confusing. Let me explain.
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Contingency Plan

April 13, 2023

I grew up in Poland and saw the last decade of a failed economic experiment where everything was owned and operated by the government. Hardly anything ever worked, and nothing was ever on time. I thought the whole world worked this way; fortunately, it doesn’t! The Iron Curtain fell, and an unbelievable economic miracle followed. This young mind was already shaped, and I grew to appreciate having a backup plan and never trusting that any rescue was coming. I still love having a contingency plan, even if there is no crisis in sight. Let me explain.
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