Financial and Investment Advisors to Families

In a financial world where clients have become mere account numbers, and the new emphasis rests on mass-marketing investment products and gathering “Assets Under Management,” we continue to deliver the attentive personal service of a knowledgeable and dedicated family advisor.

We believe that we are better investors because of our heritage as advisors to families and the long-term perspective it requires, and we are better family advisors because we possess the deep understanding and experience of real-life, active investing.


Brewster’s Millions

July 7, 2022

What have your summer reads been? I read a cheeky novel from a hundred years ago. It tells a story of a man who inherits a million dollars from his grandfather, only to find out that he has to spend and lose it within one year, and become penniless to inherit seven million from his uncle instead. Between excessive spending and poor investments, he learns a lot in the process; I know I have reading his story. It dawned on me that this hundred-year-old novel by George Barr McCutcheon -- Brewster’s Millions may hide keys to successful wealth preservation.
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June 25, 2022

For the past two decades, I have belonged to the ranks of the 1 percent – presumably the richest people in America. Truly, I never felt that rich, and it brought me no particular pride – perhaps, instead, a touch of guilt thinking about the other 99 percent. Things have changed in the last twenty years or so, however, with the arrival of newer “ultra-rich” (the 0.1percent).
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Beyond The Headlines

Not The Wrong Question, Yet, But The Promise Of A Right Answer

November 18, 2022

On January 14th, I published this article which predicted that one of these days, after a spectacular decade of progress, the stock market would encounter a serious air pocket. Investors  would then ask the perennial question, “What caused the market collapse yesterday?” But this is not a helpful question. The more discerning  inquiry would really be, “Why did the market rise so much before yesterday’s crash?”
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Long Shelf Life

November 9, 2022

Amid this year’s market’s ups and downs, a friend asked me if I was watching the daily market news. I said that I was not. The daily media reports often share extreme views, and the more dramatic they are, the more airtime they get. He was intrigued and curious about how I knew what to do then. I said that we rely on our research, which leads to insights with long shelf life. We can’t find those in the daily news. Let me explain.
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