Financial and Investment Advisors to Families

In a financial world where clients have become mere account numbers, and the new emphasis rests on mass-marketing investment products and gathering “Assets Under Management,” we continue to deliver the attentive personal service of a knowledgeable and dedicated family advisor.

We believe that we are better investors because of our heritage as advisors to families and the long-term perspective it requires, and we are better family advisors because we possess the deep understanding and experience of real-life, active investing.



June 25, 2022

For the past two decades, I have belonged to the ranks of the 1 percent – presumably the richest people in America. Truly, I never felt that rich, and it brought me no particular pride – perhaps, instead, a touch of guilt thinking about the other 99 percent. Things have changed in the last twenty years or so, however, with the arrival of newer “ultra-rich” (the 0.1percent).
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April 13, 2022

In past writings, I have occasionally been critical of family scions of the third generation, often calling them the “cursed generation” and implying that they are the ones most likely to waste or lose the fortunes accumulated and preserved by their ancestors. This is not specific to my clientele or to any culture: the equivalent of the American saying “From shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations” exists in practically every language and country, as I pointed out in my book Luck Is Not Enough.
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Beyond The Headlines

Where is the Bottom?

June 16, 2022

We’ve had days and weeks recently when stock prices only pointed downwards. The major US indices fell some 20%-33% from their highs recorded late last year. It’s no surprise that we are all wondering where the bottom could be. Let’s see what we can find out.
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Hot or Cold

June 1, 2022

Have you ever used those old-school hot and cold faucets? Some older hotels may still have separate faucets, one with scorching hot water and the other with bone-chilling cold water. If you burn your fingers in one, you can at least cool them down in the other. A happy middle would be preferable, but it’s not always available. The stock market sentiment seems to have only two options, too: hot or cold, and rarely something in between. Let me explain.
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